First Day of School

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Whee. First day of school. Very interesting and uneventful at the same time. *nods* This is my wonderful schedule and to notify everyone, my school uses Block Scheduling and it’s one of those things with 4 classes and you alternate between A days and B days.

A Days
7:55 – 9:25 :: Advanced Band :: Mrs. Lee
9:30 – 10:55 :: Career Practicum :: Mr. Fried
11:00 – 12:25 :: Presentation/Publications :: Mr. White
12:25 – 1:10 :: Lunch
1:15 – 2:40 :: Computer Service and Supports :: Mr. Fried

B Days
7:55 – 9:25 :: Cisco Networking II :: Mr. Gamble/Mr. Behr
9:30 – 10:55 :: AP Government :: Mr. Boyd
11:00 – 12:25 :: Seminar :: Ms. Wilkin
12:25 – 1:10 :: Lunch
1:15 – 2:40 :: English 12 :: Ms. Pell

Interesting eh? I’ll start off my day now. I woke up 10 minutes before six. I sorta had trouble falling asleep and then I miraculously slept before 12. Then I kept waking up and on till I woke up. Got online and I had a bowl of … old cheerios. Gag. Then I showered and got ready and left the house couple minutes before 7. Got to school and got my schedule fairly early and … I realized they didn’t give me my damn locker # and combination. I went to the office and got that done. Went upstair to test my locker and it opened fine. Funny how in all my high school career, I never got a locker with wrong combination. XD I be lucky.

Band: Now that concert band is one whole freaking band again, I got my sax buddy back! David! ^_^ I was happy. Not only that Coronet and Angel Tears were in that class. After a little fun group work thing… in which all of us couldn’t do well, considering how fuzzy our minds are, we did that. And yay! We got our instrument lockers so that perked me up XD. No more idiots stealing my reeds and no one moving my instrument to a different shelf! Whoot!

Career Practicum (aka CWE): Coronet was in that class as well and after Mr. Fried droned on and on about these shit that I heard last year, he left us with a sub. I talked with Coronet and Jenny and had fun. Coronet and I were talking about Time Limits and the … bad stuff about it. Won’t say what because I don’t feel like it!

Pres/Pub: … I didn’t want this class. I ended up getting this instead of C++ and the stupid school decided to stick all the damn C++ in one class and that was last period and I wanted to stay in there because David was in there, and for 3 years now, we ended up being in the same English class and it’s practically a tradiiton now for me to bug him so I wanted to stay in there. XD. I didn’t want to take this class cuz I knew no matter how well I do it, Mr. White would have been damn picky and I wouldn’t get an A. So I asked if I could take Visual Basics and he said I can. Now if the school lets me then I’ll be happy! Hope I get VB! ^^ Karey and Richard and Jenny were in that class as well so I talked with them and all that shit. Had fun. Mainly talked about video games XD.

Lunch: Went to ACS first to see if I can talk to my old CWE supervisor. Wasn’t there today. x_X;; So I gotta talk to him tomorrow. Boo! Then I went to BK and met up with Jen and the group. Smoked me 3 of Jen’s cigs and then I left without eating lunch cuz my dad forgot to give me money and I forgot to ask this morning. I don’t want to know how that happened!

CSS: Must make mental note not to get this confuses with Cascading Style Sheets! Was … okay. Livingstone ended up being in my class and I got 2 more freaking classes with him tomorrow as well! Someone up there do NOT like me. But it’s funny how he didn’t get a locker # and combo. He went and got it and it was in the Junior Hallway. BWAHAHA! Fucker. Well there was only so far 6 people in that class and I happen to be the only girl. *grumbles* We need more girls taking those computer classes! Gonna be interesting though… I think. I’ll learn all the major parts of the PC (finally) and hopefully by the end of the semester I can build it from scratch! ^_^ Basically Mr. Fried just went on and on through this huge packet and I swear that man is nice, but utterly boring. >_< ;; Aiya Mon. Thank god I'll only see him once instead of twice. I can't wait till I go to ACS. *nods* Well that was my day and it seems like I’ll have an easier A day this year. Which is kind of strange considering since 9th grade, my A days were horrendous. Now my B-day is hard and I can’t skip those! *cries* Poor moi! Well now I’ll see how tomorrow goes. I was so disappointed to see that David wasn’t in my AP Gov’t class. He has it 3rd period. *pouty* BOO! Ohwell…blog my B day tomorrow!


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