Sleeping Schedule

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ZZZZZZ — My sleeping schedule is messed up big time. I am so tired right now that it’s not even funny. I woke up at 11 AM, and I went to bed like 3 AM the night before. I think this the earliest I’ve woken up in 2 weeks. Oh god I’m tired. I don’t even want to know how I’m gonna wake up tomorrow, considering on my first day of school or work, I always am unable to fall asleep and I only get like less than 5 hours. >_< ;; Aiya mon. Someone just "smock" me now. U_U In the meantime, thank you for the comments on this layout. I’m sorry to those that liked the orange one, but I hated it. I just hated the colours. So gomen ne? ^_^ I’m more of a cool colour person anyways. Speaking of colours, don’t assume that I am a goth just because I got my nail painted black. Actually I chose black on purpose because that’s the only colour I can use on my nail that will prevent me from biting it and it’s working! Now let’s see if I can prevent myself from biting it once it gets even longer. *got pained expression* So tempted to bite them, but I mustn’t! Well yesterday I stayed up till 5 AM finishing up my paper on Federalist Paper #10. Now I just gotta do Federalist #51. >_< ;; I couldn't sleep so I used that time to work on it. Yes I'm insane. Also yesterday I went on sort of a shopping trip with my mom. It ended up okay. I needed a new bookbag and a new pair of sneakers. The bag session went quite well. I chose a black Jansport bookbag. It's slightly bigger than the one I got now and got 1 more front pocket XD. That cost oh... 49,000 Won, but the guy sold it to us for 45,000 instead. That is like about ... 39 bucks if the won exchange rate is around there? And then shoes. Oh bloody hell the shoes. That wasn’t a good session for me or my mom. All the shoes I wanted were bloody expensive. God… and my mom was like buy something cheaper! And she’s the one who said that I could get whatever I liked. Uh-huh. Yeah. That pissed me off because my mom was going against her words at whatever shoes I picked. And I’m sorry if everything is so expensive there mom, but that’s inflation for you! I wanted these Skechers shoes, but those were expensive. Then we went to this cheaper place and that place didn’t have a single thing to my dislike. >_< ;; Then I got peeved at my mom for not understanding about my choices in shoes and I walked off for a bit. Then we came upon another shoe place and I went in and found 2 pairs that I liked and were pretty cheap. I tried on both pairs. The 1st one were ... uncomfortable. The 2nd one was perfect. XD It was 50,400 Won, and my mom paid 42 bucks for them. Now let's see how long these expensive as hell shoes last. But yeah that was my so-called shopping experience. My mom paid way too much for a bookbag and a pair of shoes. God I hate Itaewon, but that’s the only place I could find good bookbag there so yeah whatever. *sighs* I hate economy now. It can rot in hell for all I care. And school starts tomorrow… *dies as she hums the funeral death march theme* We’ll see how it go tomorrow. *sighs* Aigoo chamna…


  1. Shoes are too expensive! I go and buy my shoes at cheap-ass places like wal-mart, lol. Hey, they got sketchers and stuff just like everybody else. That bag seems like an okay deal though, last time I bought one it was 45 bucks I think. Ouch… first day of school. I hate it. I hope it’s not too bad. ;_;

  2. Coronet on

    Believe it or not, but the Four Seasons shop on base sells really nice backpacks.. the kind that don’t rip and don’t look like they’re made for camping. It’s a pretty good deal and I think it was like 30 bucks max. O_o I know what you mean about expensive shoes though. All shoes out around here are like 50 bucks. I got a good pair of Sketchers yesterday at the PX for 35 bucks or so though.

  3. $50 for shoes? That’s so cheap compared to Australia!!! All of the top brands here – sketchers, etnies, converse, etc – are at least $150 (US) or more. *whines* Tell your mum that and feel lucky my friend!

  4. Chibi Misao on

    Good luck tomorrow! *huggles*

  5. Lady Faris on

    Yeah, you did get those items pretty cheap. Around here your lucky if you can get shoes under $75. I hope things are better for you tommorow.

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