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*sighs* I hate Government already. >_< ;; Anyone read the freaking Federalist Papers # 5 and 10 before? Those things are absolutely horrid. *stabs it* Well I was looking at some clothes at Delias and I actually liked some of them. *nods* Here are what I like: Item #1
Item #2
Item #3

Yes Tara-Chan wants nice clothes. The horror. *roll eyes* Ohwell. It’s not like I’m gonna turn all girly girly. That is just not me. I’ll just wear them whenever I want to. But first thing first. Need to convince daddy-dear to order them. *nods* This is gonna be hard … *winces* Why do those damn clothes have to be bloody expensive!!! I hate the damn USA for their expensive crap. Then again Japan is worst probably so they be bad too XD But honestly why do they have to make a freaking shirt over 30 freaking bucks? I’m used to getting shirts for 3 bucks at the most! >< ;; Damn them. Don't they bloody know that there aren't many Bill Gates out in the real world. Fuck them. Pooey! Well here's a survey I stole from James. And Steph I'll read it soon! I promise!!!

Full name: Tara
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: Jan 19 ’85
(Current) Hair color: Black with streaks
Piercings?: right ear cartilage
Tattoos?: no way no how
Time zone: GMT+9
Town or city?: City
In or out of school?: Will be in
Happy with all of the above?: No

-Unusual taste in…-
Clothes/fashion: cheap clothes that don’t make me look like a fucking whore
Food: Korean and American
Music: All variety cept for most pop, country, and gospel
Men/women/both: Hands. That’s my weirdest fetish
Movies/TV: Animes and Well-made Movies
Rituals/everyday practices: I don’t know?

1. General
Do you consider yourself a fanboy/girl?: Yes
If so, of what?: Gaming and Animes
Do you write fanfiction?: Somewhat
Read it?: Hell yah
Your favorite fanfic so far?: Too many good ones!
Are you a member of any fangroups/clubs?: Online yes
Do you consider yourself a gamer?: Yeah
Are you loyal to any one game/console company? Yes Sony the makers of PS1 and PS2
2. Games
Favorite video game?: Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star 4
Why is it your favorite?: Awesome game okay
Three favorite characters?: Too many
Why are they your favorites?: uh cuz of many reasons….
The character you like, but won’t admit it?: Uh….
Character you outright hate?: Nina from Suikoden 2
Games/series you feel are underrated?: Suikoden
Overrated?: FF7 cuz I hear it all the damn time!
Fanfiction based on your favorite game- good or bad?: This uh really interesting Braska/Auron/Jecht Lemon fic XD
RPGs based on it, good or bad?: Uh…?

3. Music
How old were you when you bought your first CD?: I dun remember?
Favorite artists/bands of all time?: Too many to name! But I love Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu as my composer and several others!
Who was the one artist/group to begin your love of music?: Uh … HOT?
What drew you to them?: teenybopper feelings >_<
Are they still making music today?: Nope
Any artists/bands you’re sick of?: Yes teenyboppers favorite artists >< ;;
Any that you feel aren’t getting enough attention?: I dunno
Your opinion on pop: sucky, fucky, screwy, and shitty
Country: I only like very few
Rap: Okay but not my thang
Techno: Fun to groove too
Metal: Awesome XD
Music fanfiction, good or bad?: don’t want to read one
Music artist/band RPGs, good or bad?: Huh?

4. Literature
Favorite author?: JK Rowling, LM Montgomery, and Anne Frank
Why are they your favorite?: They good *nods*
Your favorite work by this author?: HP and Anne Shirley Series and the Diary of course
Favorite villains?: Draco Malfoy ? Does he count?
Hard cover or paperback?: Depends but I prefer Paperbacks
Star Wars/Resident Evil books, your opinion: *blinks* didn’t know RE books even existed
Book fanfiction, good or bad?: …Me been reading HP fics. Come on people.
Literary RPGs, good or bad?: …..

-Fears and misgivings-
What one thing do you fear above all else?: …death I suppose
Why do you think this is your greatest fear?: Because it’s the most natural thing to be afraid of?
Do you believe you could dispel this?: No unless I obtain immorality through some damn way.
Phobias?: Claustrophobia around my neck, Bugs, Fire, and Height with nothing to hold onto
Do your phobias affect your everyday life?: Not really… well bugs yes…
Your relationships with people?: I dunno. I’m not afraid to show my fears
Is fear present solely in the mind?: Depends on the person

-Smiles and butterflies-
Who would you say is/are your best friend(s)?: Mi Son, Eric, Michele, Jen, and Misty at this moment
Who makes you laugh the most? As of now Jen…
Who makes you think?: All of them above cuz I ACTUALLY CAN have intelligent conversations with them.
Who would you rather have at your side in a pinch?: Mi Son and Eric. I miss them so much.
Are you different from your friends, or relatively the same?: everyone’s freaking different.
Name the person you love/have a crush on: none
What attracted you to this person?: N/A
Do they give you butterflies?: N/A
Do you think it’s forever?: N/A
If you haven’t told this person how you feel, why not?: N/A
Would anything/everything change between you?: ….
For better or worse, would you stick by the one you love?: What kind of question is this? OF COURSE!

Name the song you’re listening to now: Incubus “Drive”
The color of your shirt: Charcoal Grey polo shirt
What was the last thought you had?: How this is a stupid survey
The last thing you did?: Surf the net
What will you do after you’re done with this survey?: Dunno
Cake or death?: …..
Is that your final answer?: …..
Okay. What’s the best thing about this survey?: Nothing
Besides that fact that it’s over now. Happy?: …Hahahaha. Funny like hell *sneers*


  1. you hate US prices? I live in the UK and our prices are ridiculous, I want holiday to US for the good prices! a good shirt here will cost £15 which is ~ $22

  2. *helps her stab the papers* Anything pre-1900 government wise NEVER makes any sense. It’s just blah blah blah in elevated language… they can’t expect us to actually read and comprehend it, do they? I know I’ll never use it outside of class :P But I fell your pain as far as crap reading goes.

  3. Yuo can buy a shirt for three bucks? Amazing! At least, I have to spend ten bucks ;_; I hate US prices too, they’re evil!

  4. The US has evil prices for around 15+ people…x__x; Like some adult stuff is around $100…T__T; But for me, it’s just usually under $20 for about 2 sets of clothes. o__o;

  5. ;_; Yes… It’s sad, bu true… Clothing is so very expensive now a days… Must go to Goodwill…. X_x
    Oh, I HATED American Gov. HATE HATE HATE! ><
    And yes, Japan is more expensive… A freaking week train pass is $300!! Can you believe that?!

  6. Same as Nick. oo; Clothes are EXPENSIVE. Glad my parents pay my clothes.. not that I want any more. I hate trying clothes.

  7. Chibi Misao on

    First off: EEE! I LOVE your layout!! ^_^ Yes, I’m late, but I’ve been studying for my five thousand exams:) But I just had to comment on here^^x And yeah, the Federalist papers really are evil. I feel for ya since I had to go through that two years ago *stabs them with her* Oh yeah…I guess clothes can get a little expensive US wise, but there are some really good deals if you just wait for awhile. My friend nearly cried when she blew thirty-five bucks on a shirt that I got for fifteen bucks two weeks later :D

  8. Japan is more expensive, but the people there earn more so it balances kinda. Americans also earn mor than Europeans on average. our clothes are ridiculously priced, but I must have them all!!!!!

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