Chrono Cross

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Yay. I just spent a total of $80.63 for total of 2 days. What did I get with the 20 bucks? Yeap Chrono Cross. Got the real version of it for 20 bucks. Not bad eh? Freaking cheap considering when it first came out it was 60?? Damn yo. I’m happy. I know I already got the copied version, but I wanted a real version. Yay! ^_^ It was hidden behind other games and I think somebody was gonna buy it, but hey it’s first come first serve. Or in this case, first come first BUY. ^_^ Whoo hoo. No more splurging for me. And yay! I get my next paycheck this Thursday. *dances around* Another 300 something bucks for me!

Jen told me a very interesting news about how Scientist stated that the North and South Pole was gonna flip in 500 years or so. Very interesting. Although I don’t see how that’s fucking possible, but I guess using imagination helps XD. But that surprised me and I’m imagining life in the Southern hemisphere and whoo boy, the calendar system is gonna be confusing enough for me LOL. But ohwell. ^_~. I won’t be alive in 500 years so I won’t worry about it. Hell if reincarnation was real, I wouldn’t even wanna come back as a human! 1 human life is enough hassle for me! But yeah. I got this real good HP fic to read and I intend to read it all tonight so bye bye!


  1. Lady Faris on

    The whole flipping thing is insane. This is going to be the cause of a weird dream tonight.

  2. Mind telling me *how* that’s even possible? o.0 Lol, *is proud of Tara’s find* Umm…did you ever get around to reading my fic there Tara-chan? >_< lol.

  3. 20 bucks!? Geez!
    Um, if the poles actually did flip that means at some point they would be on the land we’re on now..or wouldn’t everything freeze and the glaciers melt? Nobody would survive! Oh well, like you said, who’s gonna live to be 500?

  4. Flip? o.o; lol how!?!? XD *sees the world flip over like a pancake* ^__^

    You are a lot better at money-handling than I am. XD;;;; LOL

  5. what the? the north and south pole are going to flip? ok….. i’d love to see the source of where that news story came from. north and south poles don’t just flip like that.

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