New Layout and … GAG??!!!

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…For a layout that’s very metaphoric sure turned out bad. >_<;; Back to PSP for me! AAGH! I hate layout blocks and any kind of creative blocks! Someone just shoot me now. If you hate this layout do feel free to say so, cuz I am NOT satisfied with this at all! *grumbles and ends the entry*


  1. Wahhhhhhhhh! I friggin LOVE it!!! I really do! It’s great!! You’ve inspired me to make a new layout!!! Yay! -glomps Tara- Thank you for giving me inspiration!! -runs to make new layout-

  2. Jen-chan on

    I can’t believe you’re not so crazy about it! It’s so pretty!!! ^_^

  3. Well, *I* love it, but everyone’s got different opinions, I guess. oo;

  4. Ooh I like it Tara-chan ;) But then again you know how I am w/layouts. I hate all mine, and people like ’em. Changed it again tho I see– we’ve all gone stark layout mad!

  5. Actually, I kind of like it.

  6. oh yeah, i like this layout. =)

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