Love Counselor? Me? HELL NO!

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After what happened today, I never want to be a fucking love/marriage/romance counselor. No way Jose! Not even if someone offered me a million dollar! I swear to myself on that. Okay here’s what happened today. I met up with Jen at 3 today. I had to go get my stupid bus pass and then I wanted to go to PX and do a little shopping. So we waited 40 minutes for a cab to come to her house. Then we went to BK and had late-lunch. After that I went and got my bus pass. I met the people at ACS and one of the guy gave us both this stationary notebook thing. It was those smelling kind. It was peach and someone kindly ask why the hell it smelled like Lemon of all things? Yep that got me to launch how illogical that was lol.

Then we went to PX and this is what I ended up getting:

Evangelion: Death and Rebirth for 22.95
St. Ives Facial Cleanser
3 Plastic folders
2 lip balms
Clinic Make-up remover
Almay (?) Transulecent Powder
Revlon Eyeliner

All that cost me $60.63. I didn’t have enough money so I had to write a check and Jen helped me again. ^_^ But I’m happy! I got Evangelion DVD. Whoo hoo! Jen was so damn mad that she didn’t have enough money that day. LoL. Ohwell. I did offer to copy it onto tape for her. *nods* Well I honestly though I overspent myself today. Yes I guess I am stingy with my OWN hard-earned money. ;_; 60 bucks down the damn drain… but it was worth it! Jen told me that what I spent today was nothing compared to how some girls spend 300 bucks in one day x_X;; Ouch…that’s freaking crazy! >_< Well when we were at PX. Charles kept asking when we’d go back to her house and all that shit. When I took forever in PX, he got mad and decided to stay home. Then when we finally got home she saw him online and they had an argument. I know Jen says that it’s not my fault, but I feel like it is… but I didn’t know that Charles needed to get out of the house that bad. He never said so. If he’d told her and me, then we’d have make an effort to speed up and get there earlier. So yeah they had an huge argument and I ended up comforting her again and probably did a bad job of it again. But then … after many discussions later they started apologizing and this was the basic converssation: Charles: I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.
Jen: No, it’s not. It’s all my fault.
Charles: No it’s not. Don’t take the fucking blame. I’m the one who should be apologizing.
Jen: I am sorry though. So don’t you take the blame.

…Can you imagine how frustrated I was when I kept seeing that conversation over and over and over again? I had to talk some damn sense into her and him to say that it was no one’s fault and all. That didn’t work so I resorted to humor and said this: ENOUGH OF THIS! I DECLARE AND ENFORCE A “NO MORE APOLOGIZING” DAY!!!!!!!!!

Yes I said that and … Charles to spite me said that doesn’t enforce till 12 AM. *fumes* AGHHHHHHHH! I don’t even wanna know how those counselors manage it. And no I do not want to be a damn counselor anymore. Many others can take that job, but I’ll stay FAR away from it. But knowing me, I’ll end up in the middle again and all. *sighs* I seem to cause lot of problems for everyone. God… sometimes the idea of becoming 100% recluse doesn’t sound so damn bad. I’ll keep that damn idea in mind. In the meantime *rubs hands* Fanfics time!!!!


  1. Lady Faris on

    Yeah, that totally blows when your stuck between two people having an argument. Its so frustrating you just want to grab two items and throw it at their heads.

  2. Kalirose on

    Geeze! 60 bucks? What’s that lip gloss made of, gold? ^^ You put up the layout! It looks even cooler with all the text on it and stuff. I love it! Alright, that is all. ^__^

  3. Congrats on the Evangelion DVD? ^_^ Wow, that much? My parents would never let me use that much T_T
    When people argue like that, I know it’s supposed to be sweet, but it’s annoying…

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