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Wow… *looks at the comments and looks at the tagboard and gets teary eyed for dramatic effects* I feel so damn loved!!! *_* Dang … *glomps and huggles everyone* And thanks to many of you that plugged me into their blog. I appreciate it! ^_^ Whee! I don’t know but you guys all made my day and that’s a good thing!

I finally got to chat with Crimsy-unnie today. *dies* You seriously need to come online more often. And I hope that party you went to er … last night was fun! I really wonder why there hardly any parties to go to here like in the states. *shrugs* Ohwell. I don’t care. I don’t know how I’ll handle those big parties anyways.

Oh and about that Al Collins College I told you about Crimsy-unnie, here’s the webpage. I swear people. That’s my fucking dream college. Except it’s in Arizona of all places. x.x;; No offense unnie but I don’t know how I’m gonna survive in a desert. I don’t think I can handle hot weather all year long XD… Maybe I’ll just move to Alaska or something x_X;; *thinks* That’s not a bad idea. Cold weather mwahahaha! Call me crazy people. I don’t care ^_^ BTW Sage. Is your blog named Artificial Perfection? I just needed to make sure. Oh and Cybrpunk. I got some *coughcough* sexual jokes and just normal funny jokes. Want me to send them to you for the humor page? Let me know okie? ^^

Well I’m done babbling. I’ll shut up now. Again thank you all for the comments and feedbacks! ^_^