First Entry!

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Yay!!!!! I finally got the domain for this! Whoo hoo! Party time! ^_^ Haha I’m so glad my daddy let me get this. I love you dad! Or should I say I love your credit card. XD Even though this domain was born uh today? It was technically born on Aug 15 like TCK. Mwahahahahaha! I like Aug 15 now. So many reasons to like it! And maybe so many reasons to hate it as well. Oh bloody hell. Depends on the person. XD

So what you guys think of the layout? Good? Okay? So-so? Sucky? I dunno what I was thinking when I made this layout. XD Not one of my best ones but it’s very functionable. That’s all I care about. Mwahahaha. I was on my wits and ends waiting for the damnable DNS to set up. *glowers at the speed of Internet these days* Slowpokes. ^_^ But anyways yay! I’m just happy I finally got a domain for this blog! *dances and prances around* Whee! ^^ I’ll shut up now! I still got a lot of work to do!


  1. Coronet on

    Hahahaha! This so owns. XD

  2. Waii!! So cool!! Glad you finally got it!! *pokeypokey* kawaii Tara-chan!! XDD

  3. Heh heh, you know how much I love this layout, I’m looking forward to remembering this url. ^_^ Yeah!

  4. Hee! I love this layout! Yay, I’m glad it is up, hee! *claps*

  5. Jen-chan on

    Waii, Tara-chan! *glomp* Congrats on the domain! Much luck with it! ^_^ I’ll go fix your link now. :D

  6. Chibi Misao on

    Bwahaha! Long live AIGOO-CHAMNA! The more I say it, the more I love it:) lol. And cute layout. I think it’s very much more of an expression (that’s a compliment^^x). *bounces off the change link*

  7. Woohoo! Congratulations TC! The text on the ‘s is kinda tough to read but I still like it! I love the drawing at the top XD

  8. *is still glomping the layout from when tara-chan showed it to her last week* hehe. still love the layout :D *bunny hops off to change the link*

  9. Whoohoo! *does dance and changes links* I’m proud =D

  10. I loooove your layout! and the domain name is so cool xD

  11. Lady Faris on

    Congrats on the new domain!

  12. rocks my socks!! :D Colors o.o Lovely layout Tara-chan! Muahahaha!

  13. cybrpunk on

    WOW! I like the change! Damn… Now I have to change my link to you on my web site. Haha! I’ll fix it soon.

  14. Reisana on

    AIGOO, what a good site! ^_^ I love the layout. *nod nod*

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